Reading Speed Test – How to Choose an Online Test Really Worth Trying

Worried about your reading speed?

Well, worry no more; there is an easy solution to get your reading skills on the fast track.

All you need to accomplish is to start by getting onto the web and searching for an online reading speed test to know where you stand and just how much you have to improve. But, be warned, once you look for a speed reading test, you’re likely to get a long set of results, albeit giving you a wide variety of options to choose from but making it equally difficult so that you can select the right test at the same time.

Thus, before you take any online reading speed test, read the following to make sure you are not conned into believing your speed isn’t as effective as it really is.

When you search for a good speed reading test for yourself, make sure you opt for one with the least amount of difficult words and an acceptable length for the written text passage. There are several reading speed tests that contain text passages filled with complicated figures and difficult words, targeted at reducing your speed. The results you get from such tests aren’t accurate as it is only a business trick to sell speed reading products for you. For the length of text passage in a test, the ideal length is around 600 words which is also the length of a typical article. It is simple to get distracted during the test if you are tested with an extended article, which will in turn reduce your measured speed.

A good speed reading test should also have a reading comprehension test, which tests your understanding on the reading material to ensure your speed measured is accurate rather than achieved by skipping all the contents. After finishing the test drive it should help you analyze your current reading level appropriately, so you have a better idea as to which areas you have to work on to boost your reading skills.

To save your time and effort on looking for good tests, here is an online reading speed test [] which is often finished in 5 minutes; it is possible to win a free speed reading mini-course on completion of the test. This is a test with a text passage clear to see and of reasonable length, followed by a reading comprehension test to measure your comprehension level. Now just just do it to get a good measurement on your own speed, and see if your reading skill have to be improve or not.